MHT Holy Teredo

This guitar has a Sitka Spruce soundboard that has been eaten by the Teredo Mollusc (known as shipworm). The log was a float log attached to a floating dwelling on the waters of Alaska around Prince of Wales Island. The salvaged timber was processed by Alaska Specialty Woods and after retrieving many usable soundboards from the part of the log that was above the water line they decided to cut up some of the lower pat that was riddled with holes. Usually this would be discarded as reject timber and just burned up in the furnace but when we saw it, the challenge was on to see if we cold turn it into a playable guitar.

The final guitar is awesome, unique and has a remarkable sound. Acoustically it is a quieter guitar than our normal guitars but has amazing “stereo’ like sound. By installing a Rich Barbera pickup, it can be plugged in and sounds fantastic.


SoundboardSitka Spruce (Teredo)
Back and SidesAustralian Blackwood
Scale length25.34″
BracingFalcate brace
HeadplateBirdseye Huon Pine
PickupBarbera Transducer

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