Welcome to Martin Taylor Guitars. Martin Taylor Guitars create instruments of beauty. Each guitar is hand crafted to fit the requirements of the individual owner and will have a unique voice. Now, you are probably wondering if there is any link between Martin Taylor Guitars and either of those other slightly more famous brands that have similar names.

The answer is no. Martin Guitars are famous the world over and Taylor Guitars are also world renowned. Martin Taylor, Luthier, just happens to have a combination of famous names. The one thing they all have in common is a love of music and a passion for creating instruments of quality and beauty.

If you are looking for a guitar that is built to suit you, the player, then you have come to the right place.  If you are ready to own a guitar that has been custom built to your needs and requirements please contact us.

Acoustic Guitars

From Ukuleles to Acoustic basses and everything in between, Martin Taylor Guitars can custom build your next steel string acoustic. We use only the best tonewoods from both Australia and around the world guaranteeing a world-class quality guitar.

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Classical Guitars

Classical guitars come in a variety of styles based on the repertoire of the player. Here at Martin Taylor Guitars we can build you a custom classical guitar that will be both beautiful and perfectly suited to the style of guitar you seek. With bracing systems ranging from traditional fan braces to the latest bracing systems such as lattice braced or radial braced we can build your classical guitar to any specification you require. We also offer a Flamenco guitar that offers a crisp, quick sound perfect for the best of the Spanish style of playing.

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Electric Guitars

Nothing beats a high end custom electric guitar build. Whether it’s a classic design or a custom build tailored to your desires, Martin Taylor Guitars can custom build your next dream guitar.

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