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News for July 2013

Drill press update

IT WORKS! Just had a test run with the modified drill press and it went brilliantly. Needed to drill into the middle of a ES335 custom build. This would never have fitted under the press before but now it has plenty of room.

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custom guitars sometimes need custom tools

Sometimes when building guitars you need a tool that is a little more specialised than normal. Remarkably, most tools can be found at the local hardware but there are some that are very specialised and others that are just harder to obtain. A drill press is pretty crucial in a guitar workshop but one of the limitations is the small distance between the drill bit and the stand of the drill press.

You can of course buy a very expensive drill press or you can see if there is a way of modifying an existing one. That's what we did this week, we can now do much more with the press than before.

Website revamp

So, the website has been up for about a year and I thought it was time to revamp it a little. I am going for a cleaner, simpler look. I'd love to hear what you think. Feel free to drop me a line here.

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