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News for April 2013

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LR Baggs make great pickups

So we have just installed an LR Baggs StagePro Anthem pickup system. Up to now we have only installed simple pickups systems that have a small footprint on the guitar with just a hole for the guitar output plug.

With this one though we had to cut into the side of the newly finished build 130437 (see pics here). It was a little scary but all went well and this pickup system is awesome. It has 2 pickups, a Piezo undersaddle and a Microphone that goes under the bridgeplate, built in tuner, Bass and Treble controls, volume control, mixer between the 2 pickups etc.

That's the beauty of getting a Martin Taylor Guitar, you get to choose what sort of system you want installed.

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a busy shed

Noa and Rob came over to use the shed. It's good to see the tools being used for something as important as an HSC project. Noa is building a solid body based on a Gibson ES355. He will be making some unique changes and I'm sure will end up with a great guitar.

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