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News for January 2013

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We have our first student!

Martin Taylor Guitars now has its first luthier student. Well, let's not get too excited, it is only one student so far but Patrick has already started his dreadnought and it is looking good so far. Going form building to teaching is an interesting shift. The things you take for granted have to be rethought and challenged when working out how to transfer that knowledge to someone else. It is good to see someone taking time to get things right and if the build so far is anything to go by it will be an awesome outcome.

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Happy New Year!

So, 2013 starts and we are making guitars! The big challenge is managing the humidity. As guitars are made of timber they are susceptible to changes in the temperature and especially the humidity. Optimum humidity for guitars is between 40-50%. More humid and the timber swells, less humid and it dries out and can crack.

We averaged about 85% in December! Not good for making guitars. The most crucial parts that are affected when building guitars are the major glueing joints. Back to sides, Back and sides to soundboard. The timber should be in the optimum zone when making these joints to allow for any changes during the life of the guitar.

So, how do you continue to build in these conditions? Well, those that can afford to, have air conditioned workshops that control the temperature and humidity but we aren't quite there yet. But the humidity did drop overnight most nights down to about 50-55%. And when I say overnight I mean between about 3-4am.

What a good time to do the critical glueing I hear you say. Well, that's what we've been doing in December. Thankfully in January so far the humidity is hovering about 50% during the day. Phew!

It has been hot in the workshop too, check out the image.

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