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I will add audio files here as I can. I would love to get recordings of all the guitars so what I can get I will upload here.

Quick video/audio sample of Mike's Tenor Guitar. Click here.

Cranium Universe. This is a recording of my recent Tenor Guitar build, 140201. The words are a poem written by Reg Mombassa of Mental as Anything, Dog Trumpet and Mambo fame. I have always admired his artwork, words and music. It was recorded in my lounge room as a bit of fun.

Lovely is Love. This is one of my favourite Mike McCarthy songs. Excuse the playing ability! It is a Tiger Myrtle and King Billy dreadnought.

Closer to Thee. This is the Blackwood build 130307. Played by Mike McCarthy with me singing.

Closer to Thee. This is a recording of my first guitar no 110716 played by Mike McCarthy. It is just a short instrumental version with no tweaking, just recorded straight from the internal LR Baggs pickup and a USB Condenser Microphone. If you'd like to hear a comparison of the same song on 3 of my guitars, click here.

Make it Rain, Mike McCarthy at the launch of The Lion's Share. 110716 being played.

Watching the world go by. This is the Blackheart Sassafras build 121119. Please excuse the bad whistling, playing and singing.

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